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I met Idina Menzel today!

I met Idina Menzel today!

Tagged: it was at a signing so I could only say like three words to herbut it was still really cooland the store played her new christmas album about twenty timesidina menzel

Tell me which god/goddess I’m the child of


Bonus brownie points for why

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it’s time now to sing out
though the story never ends
let’s celebrate
remember a year in the life of friends

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There’s something horribly amusing about Javert repeatedly falling off that balcony into foam.

Especially with that damned caption.

Everytime I see this I must reblog it

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1/∞ of my most favourite broadway gems: sutton foster

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#who sleeps with all the other disney princes

that’s probably the most accurate tag

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there’s something magical about Broadway. The audiences are smart, they’re educated. They go in ready and they’re up for it, they’re up for the party. It’s a whole different atmosphere.’
             ∟  Hugh Jackman

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Can we please talk about that one Spanish performance of ABC Cafe where Grantaire as he sings his ‘ooh and ahh’ line just drunkenly walks over and sits down in Marius’ lap???


i’m laughing so much right now?????


Marius isn’t even phased, he just hugs him back???????

(Here’s a link to the vid in case you want to watch all its adorable glory)

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"Don’t try to be anyone else but yourself, because you are singular, and your greatest asset is your individuality.

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musical theatre female characters:

a lead female character (mimi marquez, rent)

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Into the Woods

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Lauren Worsham backstage at A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

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tardis-at-the-barricade said: wait its your birthday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING

Thank you!! <3

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In my life, I’m no longer alone now the love in my life is so near.

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